Before you order

  • Can I place an order without registering?
  • Yes, you can. It is possible to place an order without registering and signing in to the shop. If you finish placing products in the basket, go to the Basket and select ORDER WITHOUT REGISTRATION. However, we encourage Customers to register. Having an account in our shop allows saving shopping history and getting a Customer Loyalty Card.
  • How to check product availability?
  • Each product on our website has information about its availability and estimated time of delivery.
  • Can I expect a discount or some sort of bonuses during online shopping?
  • All promotions and current discounts can be found in the Promotions. In our shop there are also threshold discounts which are calculated automatically by the system. In order to keep abreast of promotions, news and special offers, we encourage customers to sign up for our newsletter.
  • Can I buy the articles on instalments?
  • This option is not yet active, but we are currently working to allow customers to make on hire purchase. This will happen in the foreseeable future.
  • What fabrics are used in manufacturing products?
  • Fabrics used in manufacturing are given in product descriptions which you can find on our website.
  • Where do products on www.bolf.eu come from?
  • Our clothes and collections are sewn specifically for our order and they come from manufacturers and official brand distributors of which we are the only representative and Contractor.

While you order

  • Can I collect the order personally?
  • This is not possible. The goods are always delivered only with DHL shipping service.
  • What are the payment methods for the purchased goods?
  • Available payment methods can be found in the Payment Methods section.
  • What are the delivery costs regarding ordering multiple items?
  • The shipping costs are unchangeable. The number of ordered items has therefore no influence on the amount of the shipping costs. Shipping within Germany is free of charge. Detailed information about the delivery costs can be found in the Costs and Delivery Methods section.
  • Can I get the VAT invoice?
  • The VAT invoice is issued upon customer request. In order to receive it, you should fill out additional fields during the order process or send the required data by e-mail at a later date:

    - Company name (first and last name)

    - Address

    - Tax identification number

    The VAT invoice is issued only on the goods which are actually in the order and only on the person who bought the goods. The invoice is automatically generated and can not be edited.
  • What is the order realization time?
  • The estimated time of delivery of a purchased product is given in the Order Realization Time section. When you purchase products and make a down payment, the package will be shipped only after we receive the payment, therefore the delivery time can take up to 5 days.
  • Do you ship packages on the weekends?
  • We realize orders from Monday to Friday. We do not ship packages on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. The courier services do not deliver packages on weekends.
  • What is the total cost of the purchased product?
  • The total cost of the order consists of the product price and the delivery cost.
  • Why do my dimensions differ from those given in the size chart?
  • The reason is because the dimensions given in the size chart are measured flat (without stretching). Each manufacturer has his own sizes, that is why we always suggest to look at the size chart given in the individual product description. The guide describing how to fit and measure the size can be found in the How to choose proper size section.

After placing the order

  • Can I make changes in the order and in its payment method?
  • If you want to change an order, remove a product from it or change the payment method, you should contact our Customer Service. If the goods have already been sent to you, the changes are no longer possible.
  • Can I cancel my order?
  • If you want to cancel your order, you should sign in to your account on www.bolf.eu and click 'cancel order' in the My Orders section. You can also cancel your order by contacting our Customer Service. An order that has already been sent to the Customer the cancellation is no longer possible.
  • Can I arrange the time of collecting the package with the deliveryman?
  • Bolf.eu online shop does not have influence on the time of the delivery of the package to the Customer. The courier service is obliged to contact the Customer before delivering and to arrange package collection. Our company does not have direct contact with single deliverymen in particular regions.
  • Where can I find information about the delivery status?
  • You can find such information in the Delivery Status. There is a simple tool allowing you to locate your package. The only thing you have to do is to enter your shipment number.
  • The shipment has not arrived within the fixed delivery date - what should I do?
  • If the package does not arrive within 5-7 working days since the day of placing the order, you should contact our Customer Service via e-mail or telephone. Give us your username and order number and we will check what is happening with your order/shipment.
  • I've chosen the wrong size of the clothes - how can I make an exchange?
  • Terms and conditions of exchanging the purchased goods can be found in the Exchange and Returns section.
  • Can I return the purchased product? How to do that?
  • Terms and conditions of returning the purchased goods can be found in the Exchange and Returns section.
  • I have received the wrong product - what should I do?
  • We kindly ask to contact our Customer Service about this situation as soon as possible via e-mail or telephone. If the mistake happened to be our fault, we would exchange the product for a proper one and refund the delivery costs. The purchased product should be sent to us together with the completed Return Form. We do not accept cash on delivery in this event. Terms and conditions concerning the purchased product can be found in the Exchange and Returns section.
  • I have received a faulty product - what should I do?
  • We kindly ask to contact our Customer Service about the faulty product as soon as possible via e-mail or telephone. In this situation we will exchange the product for a proper one and refund the delivery costs. Terms and conditions concerning complaints can be found in the Exchange and Returns section.

  • If you have any other enquiries, which you have not found the answer for in the above topics, please send them to shop@bolf.eu.