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Men's suspenders

Men's suspenders are associated mainly with American gangster movies and the broker style from Wall Street. However, the history of suspenders reaches far back. Around 300 years ago, they were worn by workers as a practical element of the outfit. Suspenders were also a much more comfortable alternative to the belt because they didn't pressed on the belly and people could wear them with more loose trousers. Although the times of their practicality have passed away, their decorative character remains to this day. Both men and women can wear suspenders freely in their stylings. The variety of patterns and colours make gentlemen buy them more and more often to emphasize their personality and style. Suspenders are available in two different cuts – elegant, as an accessory to a suit and a casual one for less formal occasions. Men's suspenders should contrast with the shirt's colour and look eye-catching within the whole styling. A white shirt and a black suit fit best to black suspenders. However, if you're a gentleman who isn't afraid of fashion experiments place a bet on suspenders in red colour or a checked pattern. It will surely vivid you entire look. If you want to create an elegant outfit – get the ones with a button fastening. In case of casual stylings, you have more freedom – don't worry and experiment with colours, patterns and various fabrics. Suspenders can be matched with a shirt but also to a T-shirt. They fit almost everything! Every man should have at least 2 pairs of suspenders. Our store offers lots of fancy and classic models of suspenders in decent prices. They'll vivid every styling and therefore it's worth to have them.