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Men's Ski Trousers

Every enthusiast of winter sports knows that having good quality ski clothes is just a fundamental thing. Ski trousers of good quality are compulsory for every skier. They provide protection against cold and prevent from letting water and snow inside. In our offer we've got windproof ski trousers that are made of durable and waterproof fabrics with lining. Most of available products are fastened by hooks anda latch with a zipper, regulated in waist by velcros, have adjustable braces, pockets, venting holes on the inside of the thighs and shaped knees. Snow protection inside the leg is clip-fastened and the leg cuffs are zipped and additionally protected by a snap. Ski and snowboard trousers that are offered by us provide thermal comfort for the user. They have got a special membrane that guarantees durability and warm insulation. Bolf store offers ski trousers that can be characterized by the high quality of manufacturing. They've got reinforced seems and zippers, thanks to which water and snow won't get inside. Ski trousers offered by Bolf store have an enhanced cut that protects the back and an adjustable waistband, thanks to which it's possible to fit it to the silhouette. The additional advantage of these trousers are number of pockets and detachable braces. Ski trousers should be fitted to the body not to limit any movements. Therefore before buying, we suggest to refer to the table of sizes that is available on our website. Bolf focuses on men's wear offer that is inspired by the latest trends of the fashion world. We offer unique products of the highest quality. We ensure large selection of clothes, safe shopping with many different payment methods and delivery on time.