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Men's Briefs

Briefs are the most traditional model of men's underwear that have enthusiasts among men in various age. Such underwear is characterized by strong cuts on the sides, which expose the whole thighs. Our store's offer provide you with perfectly tailored models that are characterized by high quality of manufacturing and use of natural fabrics - soft cotton with elastane elements, thanks to which underwear fits brilliantly and provide great comfort of wearing. Additionally, it's user-friendly and undergo neither stretching, nor distorting. Briefs offered by our store differ from each other in details and colours. They have thin seams that don't leave imprints on the skin and are not visible through clothes. Bolf offer includes models adjustable by an elastic waistband - single coloured, patterned, with contrasting inserts and sewn producer's logo. If the underwear has to be comfortable, it should fit to the worn size. Perfectly matched briefs are these that fully cover buttocks and fit well to the body, being not to tight at the same time. Poorly fitted underwear may cause abrasions and negatively affect the health, therefore before choosing a particular model, we ask you to check the table of sizes, which is available on our website. Briefs are especially recommended for thin men who have proportional silhouette or want to visually lengthen the legs. Taking into account the classic cut, underwear of this type is good to wear with any kind of trousers - suit trousers, jeans, chinos, sweatpants or shorts. Check out the offer of our online store and choose underwear that match your taste. Thanks to the large assortment, you will surely find a cut that provides you great everyday comfort. Our products are focused on men who appreciate comfort of wearing and stylish look even in underwear.