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Men's Socks

Socks are indispensable elements of every men's clothing. They are divided into formal socks, worn to suits, and sporty cuts - perfect to lace-ups and any kind of sport shoes. It's good to keep in mind a few simple rules while selecting socks to particular styling. If it comes to long trousers, the colour of the socks should be matched to the nearest part of the garment, e.g. trousers or shoes. For men who like to experiment with fashion it's recommended to have more freedom in colour use and select socks in contrasting colours or patterned design. While wearing trousers both with narrow, short or rolled up leg that partly exposes the ankle and to every kind of spring-summer footwear it's recommended to wear ankle socks that hide inside the shoe. In case of shorts, socks should be completly invisible. In order to obtain such an effect, you can wear shoes on the bare foot or with "invisible" ankle socks that additionaly protect from abrasions. Men's socks that we offer are perfectly tailored and brilliantly protects your foot. They are neatly manufactured and hidden in the shoe's upper. It's worth to remind that it's forbidden to wear socks with sandals, slides and moccasins. Uncovered ankles have been trendy for a few years. That's why invisible socks are not only a very fashionable element of a man's garment but also a functional piece of underwear - it provides hygiene and extra freshness. While selecting ankle socks we also recommend chosing the ones that don't reach beyond the ankle and out of the shoe. So-called no-show socks are the perfect choice for deep cut shoes. Thanks to natural fabrics offered by Bolf, the socks are durable, avoid excessive sweating and creating painful abrasions. Make use of our offer. We guarantee large range of menswear and decent prices.