Care & Maintenance

Do you want to enjoy the highest quality of purchased goods for as long as possible? Here are 8 steps to take care of your clothes in order to keep them look great every day!

  1. 1) Start with washing the clothes. This is a very important step! Thanks to washing, you get rid of dirt from your new clothes. It is natural that any sort of contamination can occur in the process of production as well as during storage.
  2. 2) You have to strictly follow the specified garment’s washing instructions! The product label contains such information as washing temperature, drying and rinsing instructions.
  3. 3) Remember to remove all possibly damaging elements from the clothes. Always fasten the zippers, buttons, velcros, snaps etc. Don’t forget to empty the pockets!
  4. 4) We recommend washing, drying and ironing the clothes inside out.
  5. 5) In order to avoid unwanted dyeing of the clothes, always wash them according to the colour! A red sock with a white T-shirt will not be a good match!
  6. 6) Avoid drying the clothes on direct sunlight. The sun may cause discoloration. Don’t dry them on a radiator because it can cause damage and lower the quality.
  7. 7) When the washing is finished, take the clothes out of the washing machine immediately and hang them! By doing this you protect the clothes against creasing as well as fabric deformation.
  8. 8) Don’t use cosmetics directly on the clothes!


  • Wash at max. 30° C
  • Wash at max. 40° C
  • Wash at max. 50° C
  • Wash at max. 60° C
  • Wash at max. 70° C
  • Wash at max. 95° C
  • Wash with care in a delicate cycle
  • The product must not be dry washed
  • The product can be hand-washed only, at max. 40° C
  • The product cannot be bleached (not chlorinated)
  • The product may be bleached
  • The product should be dry cleaned
  • The product cannot be chemically wet cleaned
  • Iron at max. 110° C
  • Iron at max. 150° C
  • Iron at max. 200° C
  • The product must not be ironed
  • The product must not be dried in a tumble dryer
  • The product must not be dried
  • Tumble dry at low speed
  • Tumble dry at normal speed
  • Dry in a tumble dryer
  • Dry hung up
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Dry in upright position
  • Do not wring (wring out)