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Men's hoodies and sweatshirts - a versatile and stylish element of every man's wardrobe

At first, men appreciate comfort and then style and quality. The first choice of most men is clothing of the highest level of comfort given. However, the perfect wear combines three factors. Men's hoodies and sweatshirts are just like that - comfy and at the same time matching the latest trends. Despite that they have rather casual and sporty look it's worth for every modern man to find place in his wardrobe for them even if he prefers the classic elegance. All in all, the variety of designs is a key to creating many various stylings.

A short history of a sweatshirt
A modern sweatshirt and hoodie have appeared just in the XXth century. It's worth looking further and get to know more about the interesting story of a hoodie, which at the beginning was much about the hood - the inseparable element. A hood has been well-known since the Middle Ages because it was a part of a monk's habit. Through the following centuries their target hasn't changed - still an element of a monk's or priest's uniform. However, it has started to be worn by people of other social status - as a hat or a part of a large cloak. In the 30's of the XXth century the first designs of a modern sweatshirt appeared. Champion Products re-designed them with having in mind sportsmen and blue-collar workers who needed comfortable outerwear and protection from cold. The advantages of it were quickly appreciated and therefore there were created a line of warm and comfortable sweatshirts for pupils.
Men's hoodies gained a negative attitude real quickly. All due to the possibility of hiding the face, which was used by people from the criminal world. Later on, a hoodie became the most popular clothing of such subcultures like skaters, graffiti painters or rapers. That's why nowadays hoodies are associated with rebel teenagers and the most wanted criminals.

Versatility with an avant-garde spirit
Modern fashion designers are constantly creating new trends and modifing, well known for everyone, iconic cuts. In the case of men's hoodies and sweatshirt - the most popular are the classic ones - inserted through the head or zip-fastened, but also with a hood. Even the most classic sweatshirt can be enriched by unique details, a fancy cut or expressive colours. Besides, common zip-fastening can be also replaced by buttons or snaps. The second one refers to the iconic American baseball jackets that look like a lightweight jacket, with ribbed cuffs and slight stand-up collars. It's the classic cut loved by most of teenagers and young men. Another interesting idea of upgrading the regular design of a sweatshirt is a cowl-type collar, that due to the characteristic cut looks like a loosely fitted scarf. It adds a bit of chic and charm to the entire styling. Interesting features are also a short button or zip-fastening that can be sewn symmetricaly or diagonally - from the armpit to the collar. Men's hoodies and sweatshirts are taking more and more credit for the unique overprints and colours, which can be really impressive. A blend of classic grey, navy or black with the trendiest neon shades gives a striking effect. Features like animal themes, camo or sporty patterns are the best offer for men who fancy the latest fashion trends. For men who are not afraid of avant-garde solutions, an interesting idea can be sweatshirts with trendy rippings and glossy silver or gold inserts, so-called glitter pattern. A fancy look can be also provided by matching different fabrics. Men's sweatshirts and hoodies are rather cotton-made but can be also enriched by eco-leather inserts in contrasting colours, which additionally can be quilted. The latest hit of the fashion world is All Over Print patterns that are printed on the front or back - as an overprint, tag or number. A good idea is to have a men's sweatshirt or hoodie with inserts and badges. With such an item there is a rule that the more inserts and badges the better.

Comfortable and stylish. How to wear trendy a men's sweatshirt and a hoodie?
Currently, they are popular and worn with pleasure by many. One can appreciate them for everyday comfort and that's why hoodies are the element of their styling, while others wear them only at home or while practising sports. There are also men who prefer classic and toned clothes and the ones who like to underline their individual style. Regardless of the preferences, the use of a sweatshirt or hoodie enables you to create various and interesting stylings.
They are the basic element of every streetwear styling. To create the big city look it's worth to match them with sweatpants. The best choice will be a loose fit inserted through head hoodie with an adjustable hood. Another idea for a comfy outfit with a hoodie or a sweatshirt is to match it with classic jeans and not-so-oversized top or a hoodless one with a cowl-type collar and decorative inserts - buttons or zippers, leather inserts or contrasting stitchings. It allows creating a casual styling perfect for an evening meeting with friends or a casual hang-out. But, it's also the offer for work if there is no strict dress code rule in the company. In the case of a streetwear, a loose-fit and casual styling, the good choice will be the ones with interesting overprints.
Contrary to the popular beliefs, men's sweatshirts and hoodies are a decent idea for an elegant styling. It's sure that there is no possibility of creating a typical chic style, but successfully can be a part of the perfect outfit of a stylish man, i.e. for a date. The top designers more eagerly offer more fancy stylings, in which they use men's hoodies and sweatshirts that are far from mediocre, loose fit clothes with decorative details and of the cut of casual and trendy jumpers. Such cuts look good with classic jeans and chino trousers and elegant low shoes.