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Men's Suit Jackets

Suit jacket is a common element of a men's wardrobe that has stopped to be associated only as a formal outfit, which is a suit. These days, suit jackets are matched with less formal elements of clothing, e.g. jeans, chinos, jumpers or even sport T-shirts. In Bolf offer we present single and double-breasted suit jackets that lapels differ when it comes to shapes and sizes. Some of the models have got additional pockets called breast pockets in which you can put a handkerchief. Among the suit jackets, we offer fitted cuts and recommend them for men with slim silhouette who want to underline the advantages of body shape. The cut of the suit jacket should be fitted to the ocassion and other pieces of clothing. On formal events, the most appropriate will be classic suit jackets that are made of the highest quality fabrics. For everyday use the perfect choice are sport suit jackets and blazers that fit to any kind of casual outfits - both for work and meeting with friends. This type of jacket can be additionally decorated with e.g. patched pockets, elbow patches, mulitcolour stitchings and unique buttons. To have a well fitted suit jacket it's recquired to carefully chose it to the silhouette type. The proper length of jacket is considered as a one that reaches the buttocks or covers a large part of them, whereas the sleeve length should end app. 1-2 cm above the wrist to let the shirt's cuff be slightly uncovered. It's also worth to mention that the appropriately fitted suit jacket should have the first button slightly below the breastbone and lapels that are V-shaped that stick to the chest. If you want to look smart and elegant we encourage you to get familiar with the wide offer of our shop. A multitude of styles, sizes and colours allows to chose suit jackets for men of all ages.