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It might seem that the men's gilets has long gone into oblivion, and its use is associated only with fishing or gardening, but nothing could be further from the truth! Men's hooded gilet has grown in popularity since a quilted fabric model was introduced to the market. See why you must have it!

Men's quilted vest, an urban classic in various guises

To correct, a men's quilted vest is not only a garment dedicated to people who choose to be active outdoors. It is reliable and will prove itself in many situations. Men's quilted vest in a casual or sporty style is an important element of a man's clothing, especially in the colder months of the year. It is usually worn with jeans and sweatshirts as an additional protective layer during physical activity, outdoor work or when moving around the city.

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What should you know about men's quilted vests?

Men's quilted vests perfectly protect against the cold, so they are a great replacement for a jacket, especially in spring and autumn. The material of the men's vest is air and water repellent to protect the body from cold wind and getting wet.

Men's quilted hooded vest has exposed shoulders, which means that it does not restrict movement during physical activity, which is a huge advantage of these products. The quilted gilets models can be combined with jeans and sneakers to create a casual look, as well as sports pants and trekking shoes.

In order to maintain adequate thermal comfort, a sweater or a sports sweatshirt can be worn under the vest. In this combination, it will work for men working outside, e.g. in the garden or workshop. An additional advantage of the vest is a detachable hood with a drawstring, which can be especially useful in the rain. Men's quilted vest with sweatpants can visually expand, so if you do not want to add a few kilograms, do not combine these two elements.

On cold autumn days, as well as in winter, men's hooded bodywarmers can even be worn over a jacket, thus providing additional thermal comfort.

What occasions is a men's quilted vest suitable for?

A quilted sports vest will work well during any physical activity, such as jogging, trekking in the mountains or a trip out of town with friends. It will look great with a sweatshirt or long sleeve t-shirt. Sweatpants or cargo pants will complement the sporty outfit.

Our store offers a wide selection of men's quilted vests. In the Bolf offer you will find fashionable men's sports vests in a casual style. The vests come in various colors, they are fastened with a zipper, have a stand-up collar connected to the hood or with the possibility of detaching the hood.

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