Pilot Jackets

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Aviator Jackets

Timeless classics
Men's pilot jackets have been in fashion since the early 20th century as they were the basic element of pilot outerwear. It became popular thanks to i.a. the film Top Gun in which aviator jackets with a large furry collar were an important prop. Nowadays they function as great protection against cold and wind in casual stylings during winter days. A typical and classic pilot jacket is made of genuine leather (our store offers models manufactured from faux leather) but we offer original models created from cotton, polyester or water-poof nylon. A noticeable element of these jackets is a flanged furry collar that is detachable in many models. Its white or creamy colour nicely corresponds with subtle shades of jackets and adds them elegance and an original character. This unique element is warm enough just to make you leave a scarf at home. Many jackets have got also black or grey collars. Additionally, the models offered in our shop are equipped with a lining which provides thermal protection. Most of the jackets have also ribbed cuffs and bottom part, but you can find ones without them if you like. What's more? You may choose models with a visible zipper or one that is covered by snaps. The same goes with pockets. The offer includes also quilted pilot jackets, which nicely mix smart casual and sport styles, allowing you to wear them in various stylings.

Guarantee of unusual style
Our assortment of men's pilot jackets consists of models in a rich colour variety. We’ve got black, navy blue, claret, khaki and even mustard. The ones who love sophisticated accessories can get a jacket with badges, as the fans of classic cuts, can find universal models. Winter pilot jackets are perfect to wear during a walk, shopping, a date and to work. These characteristic jackets work well in semi-formal and streetwear-casual stylings, so you should match them with a pair of jeans, a cardigan or a light T-shirt. A black leather model nicely corresponds with beige chino trousers. Such a match will give you a timeless look. Gents who favour intensive colours can choose a red jacket. It will vivid a dark outfit. Men’s pilot jackets are not only practical but also a classic element of a wardrobe. If you value comfort and you want to look trendy, this style is for you. It’s worth to know that our jackets can be purchased in affordable prices and our variety will surely allow you to choose a suitable model.