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Women's quilted jackets can be worn in sports and smart casual styles. For several seasons, the fashion has been going on to change their original, casual character. Although women's quilted jackets have been around for a long time, their popularity is now at its peak. Keep up with the trend with Bolf winter and winter jackets!

Women's quilted jackets - for spring, winter and autumn

Women's transitional quilted jackets are a purchase that will serve you for several years. Their advantage is that they can be worn in spring and autumn. Trends don't change fast enough that a women's quilted jacket bought at the beginning of the year would go out of style a few months later.

Among the transitional models, you will surely be surprised by a wide range of colors, not only basic ones. You will find unusual quilted autumn women's jackets with shiny material in shades of silver, navy blue or bottle green. You can choose different types of collars: with a stand-up collar or a practical hood. Quilting also comes in various configurations - they can be in the shape of diamonds, rectangles or sophisticated undulations.

The situation is similar with winter garments. Every manufacturer knows that few people buy a new jacket or coat every year. That is why at Bolf women's quilted winter jackets come in many styles, sizes and combinations. You will find shorter and longer models in muted and vivid colors. We offer long elegant women's quilted jackets stylized as coats in subdued colors (including black and beige). We also have patterns with patterns, e.g. houndstooth.

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Pay attention to details and choose a cut tailored to your figure. We have fashionable women's quilted jackets with a waistband, perfect for ladies who like to emphasize their feminine shapes. Oversize box models will be perfect for girls who prefer the hipster style. Plus a wide selection of different collars and hoods - larger, smaller, with or without fur.

Why should you have a women's quilted jacket in your wardrobe

In addition to their aesthetic value, women's winter and transitional quilted jackets are also extremely practical. You do not need to wear a windbreaker or parkas to ensure you are sufficiently protected against wind and rain. It is enough to check out women's autumn quilted jackets in versions with a hood.

Women's light quilted jackets are also perfect for trips. They do not take up much space in the luggage or increase its weight, and when carried, they ensure the greatest comfort. The versatility of quilted models allows you to create sporty and elegant stylizations with their participation. In the first case, all you need to do is combine a women's quilted jacket and leggings. Put on sneakers or sneakers.

Don't you believe that fashionable women's quilted jackets and elegant clothes can go well together? Check out a few fashion blogs and you'll see these types of models accompanied by dresses and skirts. Some bloggers wear high heels with them. After reviewing a few trend pages, the rules for combining women's lightweight quilted jackets and formal outfits will no longer sound like black magic to you.

Take a look at the winter quilted coats we offer. You can wear them even for big events without any worries. The belt at the waist allows you to maintain a feminine shape and elegant chic. They will make you much warmer than in a classic wool coat with buttons. An additional advantage is the hood - in some models with adjustable closure.

Women's thin quilted jackets are also suitable for outdoor sports. If this is the case, it's best to wear a short, light cut with a hood. If you run or ride a bike in the dark, we recommend jackets in bright colors - yellow, white or orange. This will make you more visible on the road.

How do I order a perfectly fitted women's quilted jacket in the Bolf store?

The advantage of online shopping is a huge selection of products in various styles. At Bolf you will find hundreds of clothes that will allow you to create thousands of styles. It is difficult to find a more extensive range of light women's quilted jackets in one place. An additional advantage is the low prices and short waiting time for the shipment. If your order value is over EUR 100, delivery will be free.

How to choose the right size of a women's quilted jacket? The "Measuring Principles" under the photos of each product will help you with this. After removing the dimensions of your garment, compare them with the data in the "Size Chart". Our jackets range from S to 2XL so that every woman can find her dream model.