Costs and Delivery Methods


After you have added the desired item to the basket and your payment has been accounted on our account, your order will be completed and prepared for shipping. Delivery within Germany is free of charge (shipping in the EU please see below), regardless of how many items you have purchased. Total price includes the price of the items and the shipping costs.

Afterwards, your package is picked up by the DHL shipping service. The estimated delivery time takes up to 5 working days. If you have not received the goods within 5 working days, please contact us necessarily. We will examine what happened with your package. Moreover, you are able to track your package by using tracking device and enter the package number.

Before the shipping service delivers the package to you, you will be contacted by a deliveryman. If DHL courier won't encounter you at the given address, the package will be sent to the package storage nearest to your location. You will be informed about it via message and be able to pick up the package personally. If for some reasons, you will be unable to collect it within 14 days, the goods will be returned to our headquarters and can be sent to you again.

The packages are sent only during the weekdays (Mon-Fri), weekends and holidays are excluded. All deliveries are insured.

  • GERMANY € 0.00
  • AUSTRIA € 6.90
  • BELGIUM € 9.90
  • DENMARK € 9.90
  • CZECH REP.€ 9.90
  • POLAND € 9.90
  • BULGARIA € 9.90
  • CYPRUS € 9.90
  • LITHUANIA€ 9.90
  • PORTUGAL€ 9.90
  • ROMANIA€ 9.90
  • SWEDEN€ 9.90
  • SLOVENIA€ 9.90
  • SPAIN€ 5.90
  • HUNGARY € 9.90
  • SLOVAKIA€ 9.90
  • LUXEMBOURG€ 9.90
  • CROATIA€ 9.90
  • FINLAND € 9.90
  • FRANCE € 5.90
  • ESTONIA € 9.90
  • IRELAND€ 9.90
  • ITALY€ 5.90
  • LATVIA€ 9.90
  • GREECE€ 9.90
  • MALTA€ 9.90
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