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Men's underwear

Men's underwear is primarily a wide range of briefs and boxers, i.e. intimate underwear that you cannot see on a daily basis. Men's underwear also includes socks, T-shirts, as well as sports underwear and nightwear.

Types of men's underwear

In the case of intimate underwear and socks, the most comfortable to wear are models made of natural fabrics, which guarantee breathability and high comfort of use. Men's cotton underwear that fits the body well - for example, tight boxer shorts (shorts) - should be stretchy, so it often contains an admixture of elastane. In turn, men's sports and nightwear should drain sweat well>, so you should consider buying products in which cotton is complemented by polyester.

Briefs - classic men's underwear

Until recently, at the end of the 20th century, the dominant type of men's underwear were briefs, today dethroned by boxers . The briefs have no legs and cover the body from thigh to waist, revealing part of the buttocks. Today, they are most often chosen under elegant suit pants and other tight pants. Briefs can also be very sexy men's underwear, which many women will surely agree with. They allow you to expose a man's sexuality, so they can also be a good choice in intimate situations.

Boxers - the most popular men's underwear

The most frequently chosen type of men's underwear today are boxer shorts. The name, of course, comes from the shorts that boxers wear during fights. Long, voluminous models provide freedom that many men value, but they definitely need loose pants. Slightly tighter, shorter boxer shorts are definitely more universal and can be worn under jeans or other pants made of thick material.

Socks - an important element of men's underwear

Unlike boxer shorts, socks are the piece of men's underwear that can be seen on a daily basis. Therefore, this inconspicuous piece of clothing should be properly matched to the length and color of pants and shoes . It is very good if the color motifs refer to the other elements of the outfit.

Lovers of the classic are advised to match the color of socks to pants and shoes. Brave, elegant gentlemen can experiment with the color or pattern of socks they wear - in 2019 it is a fashionable and even recommended trend. However, it must not be forgotten that sandals and loafers are always worn without socks. The length of the socks is also very important: for sports outfits and trousers with rolled up legs, the shorter ones are best, while for suit trousers and elegant shoes, longer ones are necessary.

Branded men's underwear in the online store Bolf

Our rich assortment guarantees a wide selection of men's underwear. In the Bolf online store you will find all kinds of boxer shorts in many colors . There are smooth models, with military and geometric motifs, and with original patterns, in looser or slightly tighter versions.

On the other hand, men who prefer classic men's underwear will find comfortable briefs. Branded men's underwear also includes basic t-shirts - with narrower or wider shoulders and full backs or as in wrestlers' shirts. Comfortable longsleeves with an admixture of polyester can also fulfill the function of nightwear. In the Bolf store, every gentleman can easily choose the underwear he needs, and boxer shorts, socks, T-shirts and lonsleeves are also available in multipacks .