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Men's striped sweaters

It is a myth that the horizontal stripes on the sweater add weight and shorten the figure. On the contrary! The transverse stripes can emphasize the chest and visually divide the torso, giving the body the desired symmetry. You don't believe the theory about optical illusions? See for yourself - without unnecessary theorizing! Check out the trendy striped sweaters in Bolf.

Men's striped sweaters - a modern classic

The horizontal stripes on the sweaters are a motif that can be associated with our fathers' styles from the 1980s - especially when it comes to men's sweaters with a stand-up collar. Fashion has it that it likes to come back and what a year ago would have seemed passé is now popular. It is no different with colorful striped sweaters: retro is in vogue at the moment, and all the colorful striped sweaters are now a hit with trendsetters on the Internet. However, you do not have to strive to match the statistics at all costs - you can consciously choose a classic, but redefined. With Bolf you will create modern stylizations, where striped sweaters play a leading role.

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Styling with a men's striped sweater, or how to wear it?

Men's striped sweater is much more versatile than you might expect. It can be combined in both casual and elegant stylizations. Tuck in the men's horizontal striped sweater with navy blue jeans for a casual outfit full of character and personality. The stripes do not have to be placed horizontally - a sweater with vertical stripes combined with a down jacket, for example, also looks great. If you want to finish off this outfit with something more character, add a pair of brown leather boots. Do you want to know how to make a striped sweater elegant? Combine it with a navy blue jacket and look like a real gentleman. Do you prefer to create an outfit in a nautical style? Nothing hard! Choose products with navy blue, white and red stripes. Men's V-neck sweaters will work here - combined with, for example, white chinos and moccasins. You can find all the matching garments in our Bolf online shop.

Who is a men's striped sweater perfect for?

Our offer is for men of all age groups. A colorful striped sweater is more often chosen by younger customers, while subdued colors are usually chosen by mature men. One thing is certain: striped sweaters fit everyone, and thanks to the elastic material, it will perfectly fit any figure. The combination of wool and acrylic is a great option also for the colder months - we guarantee that you will not be cold!

How do I order a striped sweater in the Bolf store?

Nothing simpler: just click on the item you are interested in, choose the size and put it in the virtual basket. Are you worried about buying without measuring? There is no need - under each product we have attached an individual size chart with measurement instructions. Thanks to this, you can be sure that you will not make mistakes in choosing the right size of the product. If you are still not convinced that the men's striped sweater is for you, click on the "Instagram shop" tab. There you will find interesting inspirations and even more products in ready-to-use styles. We encourage you to follow our social networks: on our profile you will find favorable promotional campaigns and proven styling suggestions. We encourage you to take advantage of the offer of the Bolf shop!