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Men's sweaters with a stand-up collar

Men's sweater with a stand-up collar is an extremely versatile piece of clothing. You can wear it both solo with a pair of jeans or in an elegant combination with a jacket. They will be a good choice for men looking to lose weight, but not very formal. Check out our men's Bolf collar sweaters and get inspired!

Men's sweater with a knitted collar - an elegant everyday solution

A men's cardigan with a stand-up collar is a great option for colder days. A characteristic feature of this cut is the knitted fabric and, in most cases, the lack of a zipper along the entire length. The sweater is pulled over the head, but a short zipper allows you to dress it without damaging the hairstyle and the risk of knocking off glasses. The fastening to the neck is also extremely comfortable during temperature fluctuations - when it is warmer, you can unbutton your sweater, and in the colder seasons you don't have to wear a scarf anymore. The products available in the Bolf offer are available with a zipper, buttons or other type of decorative finish. It is an elegant solution for every man.

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What to wear under a sweater with a stand-up collar and what to wear it with? Patterns, colors and styles of men's sweaters with a stand-up collar

Classic men's cardigan with a stand-up collar is a must-have model in men's wardrobe. It can be worn in both formal and informal styles. It works well both on its own and in a layered system. If you wear it during more formal events, wear it tucked in your pants, while in less formal situations you may seemingly carelessly pull it out. Also choose the appropriate color. In most stores, knitted sweaters are available in subdued colors - you will also find proven colors such as gray, black, graphite, navy blue, white or burgundy. You will also find men's striped sweaters, geometric patterns and combined fabrics.

At Bolf you can buy warm models with an admixture of wool - incl. fashionable men's sweater with a shawl collar. In the case of products with wool, due to the regular cut, sweater styling will be better suited as outerwear. In turn, thinner versions with a zipper can be successfully worn under a jacket. Knitwear is warm and flexible, so it can be worn in a layering system, for example over a T-shirt, polo or shirt with a collar. Nothing stands in the way of wearing this type of men's sweaters for corporate meetings - just replace casual jeans with chinos, and sports sneakers with leather derby shoes or oxfords. By choosing the right accessories, pants and shoes, a men's cardigan can be matched to virtually any clothes and for any occasion.

Men's sweaters with a stand-up collar - how to order them in our store?

Men's sweaters offered by our store come from different manufacturers, so always measure a given product before placing it in the basket. For comparison, thick men's sweaters with a stand-up collar are smaller than usual: standard XL is L, and M corresponds to S. However, you don't have to worry that you will miss the size - we always provide a size table with measuring instructions so that you can always have certainty that you have made the right choice. We invite you to shop at Bolf!