Short Sleeve

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Men's Short Sleeve Polo Shirt

Polo shirts appeared at the turn of the 20's and 30's of the last century. Besides, originally they were a part of sportswear and became the iconic item of men's fashion. Classic models were manufactured from a pique cotton that is characterized by unique fibre knit. The thing that makes a polo different from a classic T-shirt is the collar. Originally it was designed to protect the neck against the sun. Nowadays, wearing it stood up as fashion faux pas and should be avoided. It's worth to pay attention to the fabric of the collar. In order to look good, after unbuttoning the top button, the collar should be made from a stiff fabric. The most popular are two or three button-fastened models thanks to which it's possible to loosen the neckline. A polo shirt looks stunning with different types of trousers - with jeans, chinos and shorts - and a casual sporty blazer. Matching a polo shirt with a leather or denim jacket can create an interesting casual styling. For men who like classic look, it's recommended to use universal colours, such as white, navy blue and sky blue. Those who are not afraid of an expressive look can let themselves to use more showy colours, plain models with ribbed cuffs, front inserts or a unique print. A short sleeve polo shirt is a perfect replacement for the man who does not like to wear a sporty T-shirt or a classic shirt and is an enthusiast of the casual style. Models with short sleeves are great for practising sports, meeting with friends or summer trips. Such a shirt is a great starter of many various men's stylings. That's why it's worth having it.