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Women's Trousers

Trousers are one of the most favourite parts of women's garment. Ladies love to wear them because of great comfort of wearing, as well as for a plentitude of cuts. Thanks to that, they provide an opportunity to create many trendy stylings and every woman will find a perfect model for herself. Depending on a cut and used fabrics it can be divided into the following types of trousers: skinny, flares, shalwars, culottes, boyfriends, chinos, joggers and baggies. It's the most common division of women's trousers and every type is popular among ladies. For a few seasons the skinny trousers have been considered as the most trendy. It's due to the fact that such trousers underline the women's silhouette and visually lengthen the legs. This kind of trousers can be matched with various parts of clothing - with tight-fitted or oversized T-shirts, jumpers, shirts and even more elegant blouses. They also look decent in a match-up both with a suit jacket or a jacket and sweatshirts. This season, on the world's catwalks, original culottes and, after years, classic flares occurred, which are associated with the most trendy this year - boho style. The first trousers are characterized by a unique cut - a very wide leg with the length beyond the knee or mid-calf, which can sometimes give the impression of a skirt. This is a perfect cut for leggy women's but also designed for being matched with high heels and wedges. On the other hand, the culottes will be a good choice for ladies who appreciate elegant stylings but also for ones who feel best in casual outfits in streetwear style. Another type of extremely popular trousers are so-called boyfriends, which have a loose and a bit male cut and finally found a place in the women's wardrobes. Ladies like them because of adding a cheeky character to an outfit.