Denim Jackets

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Men's denim jacket is almost 160 years old. Initially, like the first denim pants, it was worn by American farmers, laborers and gold prospectors. In the 1930s, famous fashion houses began introducing cheap denim jackets to their collections, and in 1960, denim jackets became a permanent part of the canon of men's fashion thanks to the great stars of the then cinema. Men's denim jacket, despite such a long history, to this day is a must-have item of every man's wardrobe, which is why it could not be missing from the Bolf store. We present stylish denim jackets that are a great base for creating urban, youth and casual stylizations. Every man will feel fashionable and comfortable in this type of jacket. The jackets are made of high-quality material, thanks to which they fit nicely on the body, do not restrict movement and are very comfortable to wear. Feel the comfort of our jackets on your own skin and order a model that will emphasize your style!

Men's denim jacket - types

The men's denim jackets presented in our assortment are available in various colors and styles. We always offer fashionable blue jackets, but also models in which jeans have been dyed a dark shade of navy blue. In addition to classic blue jackets, you can also find black and white jackets. It is certainly an offer for men who value non-standard clothing solutions. It should also be noted that our range includes jackets with a collar and models with a cotton hood. Hooded jackets are especially good for autumn and early spring, as they effectively protect the head from the cold. We can also distinguish models referring to the rock style, an example of which are jackets in which denim sleeves have been replaced with ecological leather.

Men's denim jackets - popular colors

Of course, the men's hooded denim jacket in blue is the most popular, but in this case, the choice is not so obvious. Denim jackets are available in various shades: from blue to navy blue. Models with abrasions are also very popular, which perfectly match the current trends. The black jacket is as popular as a typical denim jacket. Men's black denim jacket is most often chosen by men who prefer a strong and expressive style. The white jacket is a proposition for lovers of milder, more subdued stylizations.

Men's denim jacket - what pants to wear with it?

Men's denim jacket can be worn with almost any pants. It looks unfavorable only in the company of typical, elegant pants with a crease. So you can dress it with other denim pants and thus create the so-called. total look or choose men's chinos. In fact, when creating styling based on a denim jacket, not so much trousersare important, but other elements of clothing: a T-shirt, a sweatshirt, a men's sweater and accessories - each of them can create a completely different outfit.

Denim jacket with a hood - what to wear with?

What clothes and accessories you choose for your denim jacket depends on the character of the outfit you want to create. If you want a rock outfit, go for a black denim jacket, black fitted pants and a T-shirt in a contrasting color, absolutely uniform! You can also create a sporty outfit every day on the basis of a denim katana. All you need to do is choose a jacket with a hood, pair it with a men's sweatshirt or T-shirt and complete the outfit with loose trousers and sports-style shoes.

How to order men's denim jackets in the Bolf store?

If you want to order a men's denim jacket from the Bolf store, first you need to determine your size. To choose a garment that will fit you perfectly, use the size chart. Once you add this and other products to your cart, you will be able to check the total cost of the order. We encourage you to order several products at once, because for purchases for a minimum of EUR 100, delivery is completely free!


How to create a rock outfit based on a black denim jacket?

All you have to do is choose clothes and accessories in the same color. So choose black pants (the best fitting) and black shoes, e.g. Chelsea boots. When you choose a white T-shirt for styling, you will create an interesting contrast that will make the outfit rock, but also very stylish.

What to wear under a denim jacket?

The denim jacket refers to the sporty style, but also fits perfectly with the streetwear style. The slightly nonchalant nature of the jacket means that this type of outerwear does not look very good with men's shirts and semi-elegant polo shirts. With a denim jacket, choose sports T-shirts and men's hoodies.

How to choose a denim jacket for many years?

If you want to enjoy one jacket for several seasons, no matter what trends prevail, choose the most classic version. Of course, we are talking about a typical blue denim jacket. This model has been in vogue for decades and there is no indication that it will change. On the basis of this jacket you will create timeless and always fashionable stylizations.