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New Arrivals

Men tend to pay more and more attention to their image and the clothes they wear. Still, comfort is of huge importance, but they know also that stylish men's clothes can be comfy. Bolf, as a producer of clothes, tries to enlarge its offer of men's clothes to set new trends and make the clothes practical for everyday use. That's why new arrivals from Bolf are especially important because everyone can find something new for himself. For ladies, we also offer new products. Bolf women's fashion highlights the womanhood and style thanks to unique decorations and accessories, as well as provides comfort and high quality.

New products from Bolf men's offer include sweatshirts which have great patterns and stylish overprints. Such clothing is also appreciated by the ladies, that's why Bolf includes in its offer women's sweatshirts. They differ from the men's in cuts, patterns and colours. The sweatshirts are available in feminine pastel colours, as well as in the more intensive ones, such as pink and sky blue. Women's and men's sweatshirts from Bolf come in different types: overhead, with a hood and zipped. We guarantee that every lady will find a preferable new product.

Bolf online shop offers a number of new jumpers and shirts in different cuts and made from various fabrics regularly. These men's clothes can be elements of formal outfits, as well as in more casual stylings. In the New Arrivals category you can also find women's jumpers that nicely underline the silhouette. The patterns and decorations totally show that the lady wearing them wants to highlight her fine style. We also offer women's shirts and blouses with button-fastening – they are universal clothes that can be adjusted to different stylings.

T-shirts are an obligatory position in every man's wardrobe. Plain or printed – every gent loves them and has got at least a few. Bolf focuses on original patterns and constantly introduces new ones to give you the opportunity to choose new arrivals.

If you look for trousers, see our offer! There are trousers made from various fabrics, e.g. jeans, textile; also different cuts – baggy, joggers, cargo. Bolfs does its best to make the trousers comfortable and to fit them into current trends. In new arrivals we offer also something for the ladies: classic jeans or 7/8.

While buying men's clothes, you can't forget about accessories. Caps and belts are practical, complete various stylings and underline the personality of the owner. We have also caps dedicated to women. Thanks to feminine patterns and decorations, it can become a fine element of sporty or summer stylings. Check out our new arrivals from time to time.

Among new products, there's a lot of other kinds of clothes. Both men's and women's, such as blazers, jackets, coats, military outfits, tracksuits and vests.

We keep high-quality standards regarding our products. If you buy our new clothes, you can be sure that you will be able to use them for a long time.