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Men's Plain Longsleeves

Longsleeve is one of these elements of the man's wardrobe that will never become boring and mediocre. It can be worn as a part of underwear and as a seperate element of your fit and in addition is a perfect balance between a shirt and a classic T-shirt. Longsleeves are popular not only among fall/winter season but also spring/summer. They can be the base of almost every trendy styling - for less formal meeting with friends as well as at work - with a cardigan or a suit jacket. It's hard to imagine men's wardrobe without at least a few longsleeves - in various colours, printed or plained, that can be easily matched to other, more patterned elements of your outfit. T-shirts with long sleeves are invariably enjoying the popularity among men. They are comfy, versatile and universal - you can freely wear it with suit jackets, jumpers and jackets. The Bolf offer is so various that everybody is able to find, accordingly to individual preferences, the perfect design and colour for himself. The plain longsleeve is an absolute must have in the wardrobe of every man who appreciates trendy look. This timeless cut gives the possibility of creating various outfits - sporty, casual and semi-formal. Longsleeves available in Bolf store are manufactured from the highest quality cotton with elements of synthetic fabrics that guarantee both comfort while wearing and training. We offer cuts with crew, v-neck and buttoned necks. Due to wide range of sizes everyone will have a perfectly matched cut to the silhouette. In our offer we've got both classic longsleeves and unique ones with decorative inserts. We provide our customers with a large variety of colours and sizes and decent prices of our products. Please get familiar with our offer and manufacturers that we are suppling in.