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Men's Textile Trousers

Bolf online shop is a fast developing brand that provides the most fashionable men's wear. The company has got years of experience in e-commerce and mail order sale and year to year gain more satisfied customers. In our offer we've got textile cargo trousers with a button-fly zip and additional leg pockets that are snap-fastened. Large assortment of Bolf online shop includes trousers with unique stitchings, straight legs, waist with buttons and zip, ribbed ankle cuffs and lots of other models, less or more fitted to the silhouette. Through our store we mostly offer trousers manufactured from cotton that is a breathable and very durable fabric. Cotton provides not only comfort of wearing but also makes such activities as washing and ironing easier. We offer elegant, textile and tracksuit bottoms in various cuts - close fitted and loose ones - with dropped crotch or casual designs that are adjustable by a belt or a flexible waistband. Some of the models have got a logo at the back pocket, ribbed ankle cuffs and faux fly closure. Men have a tendency to choose too loose trousers. We recommend fitting better slim fit cut, which visually slenders and extends the silhouette. We suggest men, who are muscular, to buy, instead of this model, trousers with regular leg width. We encourage you to get familiar with a broad offer of our store. Pay attention to proper size of trousers - too long leg looks messy and can crease what additionally causes visual disturbance of body proportions. To avoid situation like these, before buying, please refer to the table of sizes that is available on our website. We guarantee high quality of manufacturing, affordable prices and delivery on time.