Elegant Jackets

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Men’s elegant jacket

An elegant jacket is a must-have in the wardrobe of a fashionable man. It enables you to create stylings that fit to many various occasions. Match it with a flannel checked shirt, classic jeans and sneakers and you'll get the trendiest streetwear look. To work, if there’s no dress code, for a meeting with friends or a date. On the other hand, an elegant jacket with chino trousers, a plain shirt and leather lace-ups is also an offer for every formal situation.
The most fashionable elegant men’s jackets have been dominated by the same design for years, although their cut, inspired by the current trends, has been slightly modified. Therefore, our offer can’t miss out such a timeless and classic husky jacket. Although its name sounds mysterious, everyone knows how it looks. Nowadays, it’s one of the most popular jacket type. However, the story of its origin didn’t look like as a road to success and popularity. The original model was created with having in mind comfortable and rural life. This classic jacket was originally used for horse riding, hunting, fishing and walks. Initially, due to its purpose, it was available only in two colours - blue and dark green. It distinguishes itself with a straight and wide cut, a diamond-pattern and snap-fastened slits like in a suit jacket. Other characteristic features are front large pockets without flaps, a corduroy collar and a brass snap fastening. It was designed by a British retired colonel, Sir Stephen Guylas, who was designing military clothing during his military service and after many years of intense work decided to settle in the British countryside. Close to nature, in order to realise his favourite outdoor activities.
Many features of this classic model can be observed in modern elegant jackets, although they’re much more diverse. Store shelves offer jackets in different colours, quilted not only in a diamond pattern, without a corduroy trim, but with many decorative elements, such as contrasting stitchings. These designs fit perfectly to a big city look, no matter if it’s streetwear or more elegant smart-casual.
The biggest advantage of an elegant jacket is a timeless cut, a trendy look, versatility and functionality. Bolf store offers plenty of such elegant lightweight men’s jackets. It may be freely worn in spring and autumn and on the other hand, provides you with a trendy and elegant look.