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Although men's turtleneck appeared on the clothing market in the nineteenth century, it is still appreciated not only for its functionality, but also aesthetic values. Due to its properties, men most willingly reach for this type of clothing in the autumn and winter period. A special type of collar that adheres to the neck makes the turtleneck effectively protect it from the cold. The Bolf store offers warm men's turtlenecks made of thick wool, but you can also find a thin men's turtleneck perfect for warmer, autumn evenings. We made sure that each model is available in several colors, so we are sure that every man will find here the men's turtleneck sweater that he is currently looking for. Please see the offer!

Men's turtlenecks - types

In our offer you will find typical turtlenecks with a high collar, which will prove themselves during the coldest days. Another type of sweater is a men's high neck sweater, in which the headband-collar reaches the middle of the neck. This model can be worn alone, but it can also be combined with other items of clothing.

What men's turtleneck under the jacket?

Men very often create semi-formal stylizations based on golf and jackets, but it is worth knowing that not every golf looks good in such a combination. Under the jacket, the men's black turtleneck looks best, which perfectly fits the figure, so it's worth choosing thin models made of cotton and admixture of other elastic materials.

Men's turtleneck sweaters - popular colors

Although black turtleneck is the most common choice of men, models in other colors are equally popular. Men eagerly choose the burgundy men's turtleneck, which in combination with a stylish jacket looks as good as its black counterpart. An interesting proposition is also men's white turtleneck, which is most often combined with light, woolen sweaters and allows you to create original, winter stylizations.

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What to wear elegant men's turtlenecks with?

Fashionable men's turtlenecks look best in semi-formal stylizations, in which the base is a stylish men's blazer. In this case, it is worth paying attention to the quality of the selected products. Men's turtleneck should be made of good quality materials to properly display the strengths of the figure. The turtleneck collection offered by our store is a wide range of sweaters made of cotton, wool or elastane. Among them you will find turtlenecks that can be worn not only with a jacket, but also on its own, so you will be able to create fashionable styling every day.

How to order men's turtleneck sweaters in the Bolf store?

Remember not to buy a sweater without first checking the dimensions of the turtleneck - the size chart will help you determine the size. After selecting the appropriate model of the sweater, add it to the basket, where you will be able to check the total cost of the order. If you order the goods for a minimum of EUR 100, the delivery will not cost you anything!


How to match golf to your body shape?

Thin turtlenecks that adjust to the figure should be reached by men with an athletic body build. For men who want to hide a few extra centimeters in the waist, it is worth reaching for models made of wool that do not fit tightly around the body.

Why is it worth choosing black golf?

Black turtleneck of all sweaters of this type is the most universal. It can be the basis for a semi-formal look with a jacket, but it can also be worn on its own every day.

Can the turtleneck be worn with a different sweater?

Thin cotton turtlenecks can be combined with other items of clothing, e.g. with men's woolen sweaters. These two items of clothing should refer to each other in terms of colors. A dark colored turtleneck should be matched with a dark sweater, and the same should be done in the case of light colored clothes.