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Men's Pattern Jumpers

Patterned and bold fabrics are no longer the exclusive domain of women. More and more clothes designed for men have a unique and expressive patterning. Our online store provides a large offer of trendy patterned jumpers for men. Currently, the most trendy patterns are horizontal stripes, geometric or Norwegian ones and texture fabrics created with thick and expressive weaves. Striped jumpers may have large and regular patterns, thin stripes in various distance or only decorating a small part, e.g. on the chest. Geometric and Norwegian patterns have been absolute hits for a few seasons. Jumpers like that are usually thick and very warm, just perfect for colder winter days. The fashion world also loves jumpers with distinctive patterns, i.e. pinstriped, argyle or cable knit one. One design is multicoloured with the use of contrasts, e.g. navy blue-grey stripes and red and white Norwegian pattern. Similiar to sweatshirts, jumpers that are available in our online store have got various cuts - they can be fastened by a zipper or buttons. Patterned fabrics fit amazingly with plain parts of the garment, like T-shirt, chino trousers or jeans. In a pair with single colour clothes, jumpers look extremely impressive and create trendy outfits that are perfect for occasions like meeting with friends, for a walk, to workp or to school. Casual and urban styles are perfect for fashionable patterned jumpers, which are worth to be worn.

A broad offer of our online Bolf store includes the trendiest men's jumpers from various producers. The thing that links them all is the guarantee of the best quality, comfort and taste in fashion. Thanks to the large offer of patterns and cuts every man will be able to choose a perfect jumper for himself.