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Women's Vests

Women's vests are an absolute must have no matter the time of the year. For a few last season, wearing warm vests on winter or lightweight jackets have become very trendy. Perfect for this are longlined vests with faux-fur trim, in a bit highland style. It also refers to the latest and hottest trend of this season - boho style - which is a fashion real deal! Faux fur vests can be matched with leather trousers or classic jeans, slim fit ones and flares that back to fashion. The vest will fit the jacket and won't limit your movement, provided that it has a loose cut. It can be also non-fastened or only with a belt closure at the waist.

Another vest that is worth to have in the wardrobe, is one in casual design and style. They can be manufactured from cotton or denim, fastened by buttons, a zipper or a waist-belt. If it comes to length, in this season, extremely trendy are long vests, which reach even to the half of the thigh, and can be worn both with trousers and shorts during summer. It's a perfect example of reigning streetwear style in urban space. Short and tight-fitting vests that refer in cut to men's suit vests are still very fashionable. They're usually fastened by two lines of buttons and fit excellently with formal shirts. Therefore it's a perfect alternative for a work outfit, especially if a company doesn't have a strict dress code.

It's good to have one more type of vest – in a totally sporty cut. What makes it unique is a comfy and flexible fabric - mostly polyester or cotton blend and elastane - zip-fastening, large pockets, and a hood. A vest like this should be water and wind proofed - just perfect for long walks, mountain hiking and practicing sports outdoor. Winter version of these sport vests is comfy and lightweight, but extremly warm, puffer vests, which stay fashionable for many years.