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Men's Striped Shirts

Striped shirts can visually lengthen and slender the silhouette. Shirts of this kind can be both a casual and elegant element of the outfit and great replacement for more popular plain and checked shirts. We offer shirts with trendy inserts on the sleeves, classic collar (single or double), button down collar, cutaway or with wide points. In our offer there are available shirts with various types of pinstripes - less or more wide. For the ones who like classic and toned outfits we recommend shirts with narrow pinstripes, which seem like a plain fabric from far. Men's striped shirts can look fabulous both with suit jackets and checked, herringbone or even pinstriped suits. In order to avoid fashion faux pas, it's worth remembering that the shirt pattern should differ from the ones of other clothes. We recommend to match pinstriped shirts with every kind of trousers - jeans, chinos or even shorts. The offered shirts are in slim fit cut with fastened adjustable cuffs and round bottoms. We provide you with perfectly tailored shirts that underline all advantages of the men's silhouette and hide any imperfections. Our store's assortment has shirts in various patterns and colours, also unusual and extravagant ones. No matter what style you prefer - elegant, casual, or sporty – due to our online offer you will surely find something for yourself. The thing that distinguishes Bolf store from others is trendy patterning, high-quality fabrics, careful manufacturing and affordbale prices. We guarantee a wide range of products, various sizes, products as described and shipping goods on time. We kindly ask you to get familiar with our offer.