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Women's Coats

Coats are one of the most popular outerwear for spring and fall/winter. Women who wear coats look attractive and classy. Similar to a dress, they need to be perfectly fitted. Designers provide coats that are waist-fastened, button or zip-fastened, quilted with a furry hood, with sewn-on inserts or with a stand-up collar. A perfectly chosen cut underlines the silhouette or, if needed, hides imperfections. Thanks to a large variety of designs every woman can find something for herself. While choosing a size it's worth remembering that a coat should be closely fitted in the waist and come loose at the bottom. In winter it's best to choose a coat with a lining that protects from moisture, wind and cold. There are available coats of different length - a short one (to the knee), a midi (beyond the knee) or long (ankle-length). If you are short, we recommend you the first type. Taller women are more lucky and can choose whatever they like. There are also available single and double-breasted models. Single-breasted designs visually slim the silhouette and though are recommended for plus-size women. On the other hand, the double-breasted will be a good offer for petite women because of providing a nice silhouette balance and visually enlarging breasts. To enthusiasts of the classic, it's recommended to place a bet on single-colour simple cuts. For ones who prefer more casual stylings, the perfect choice will be patterned coats with inserts, stitchings and expressive colours. The inseparable elements of the coat styling are accessories like shoes, scarves, gloves or hats that complete the entire look. Coats are the impressive outerwear that should be a part of every woman's clothing. You can match them up with an elegant and sporty stylings.