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Men's shirts with a stand-up collar

Men's shirts with a stand-up collar are a casual answer to classic models with a collar. They are also more and more often seen in formal stylizations that do not require a tie. Men's shirts with a stand-up collar are the perfect choice for stylish men who like to play with fashion. See what proposals we have prepared in Bolf.

Types of men's shirts with a stand-up collar

All collarless shirts seem the same to you? In fact, we distinguish two types. The first one is a bit more elegant and has the option of fastening the stand-up collar with a button. It will be a good choice for men with long necks. It will also work well for more official departures. The second type of men's shirt without a collar looks better in loose styling, because the button is located much lower. Owners of a short and thick neck will look good in this design.

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What to wear a men's shirt with a stand-up collar?

Fashionable men's shirts with a stand-up collar will prove themselves in everyday styling with jeans, as well as in smart casual outfits. In the office, combine your chosen model with chinos and a sports jacket. In such a combination, it is better to choose a plain white, gray or blue shirt.

Can white men's shirts with long sleeves with a stand-up collar be worn with a suit? Formal attire requires a tie or bow tie. In the absence of a collar, you would have to button them around your bare neck, which will look unsightly. You can wear elegant men's shirts with a stand-up collar only with suit trousers. Then wear formal footwear as well.

How do I order a men's shirt with a stand-up collar from the Bolf store?

A suitable collarless men's shirt must fit your body shape. When shopping on the Internet, you cannot try it on. That is why in the Bolf store you will find a size chart and rules for measuring clothing next to each product. This will help you find the perfect size.

We offer various styles and colors of men's shirts with a stand-up collar. If your office has an elegant dress code, it's best to have several models. A white men's shirt without a collar is the most popular choice, but the blue, gray or black versions will be equally fashionable. Add selected models to the cart. If the value of the products exceeds EUR 100, we will provide free delivery. We encourage you to create an account in our store to avoid having to fill in the data again for future purchases. We will send the package within 24 hours, and you will then receive a link to track the package. We want you to be able to enjoy our unique clothes as soon as possible.