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Men's Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

A polo shirt comes from a sporty uniform. At the beginning it was mostly worn by a different type of sportsmen - people who practice sailing, golf, cricket, tennis, polo and archery/shooting. Its first versions were made of cotton, have a collar and button-fastened neckline. Nowadays, a long sleeve polo shirt is made of natural fabrics that absorb moisture and provide the skin with comfort of wearing. The most classic models have a two-button fastening, but there are also a lot of designs with a three-button. However, it's worth to remember that a polo with more buttons loses its magic and doesn't look so striking. According to stylists, a polo shirt is the men's equivalent of a women's little black dress. It's less formal than a regular shirt and on the other hand more elegant than a sporty T-shirt. It adds every nonchalant styling an elegant look and that's why a long sleeve polo shirt is the perfect offer for a man who likes to feel wild and free. The most classic colour is white but manufacturers offer more in different colours. Polo shirts in sky blue or pink can also create an interesting outfit. For those who like original patterning, polo shirts with a front brand logo or designer overprints, a decorative button strip, contrasting inserts or a camo collar can be a really decent idea. It's possible to wear a polo shirt in two ways - into or freely out the trousers. In casual match-ups with shorts or chino trousers, it's recommended to put it out the trousers. However, if you want to create a more elegant outfit with a suit jacket, it's better to put it into the trousers. The thing that makes a polo shirt unique is the timeless cut, which is always on the top and has become the part of men's classic fashion. Therefore, it's worth to have at least one classic model.