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Women's sweatshirts without a hood are more versatile than models with a hood. More and more often they are seen not only in sports, but also in office outfits. Browse the women's hooded sweatshirts at Bolf and you'll find a model for every occasion.

Women's sweatshirts without a hood - how to wear them?

Women's sweatshirts without a hood may seem less practical, at least to fans of the sporty style. A hood is usually a desirable accessory that allows you to protect your head from wind or rain in the event of a sudden break in the weather. However, a women's sweatshirt without a hood in a subdued color can replace a sweater or a jacket in casual styles. It should even be worn in the office, which cannot be said about the hooded models.

Only the non-detachable versions in black, graphite, white or navy blue will work for the smart casual styling. Every day, you can choose a women's zipped sweatshirt without a hood in more vivid colors. With their participation, you will create an outfit for a meeting with friends, a party or a dinner at your parents' house. They will work well in combination with jeans and a long skirt.

Styling with women's sweatshirts without a hood - sweatshirts for everyday use and elegant outfits

More and more women choose oversize women's sweatshirts without a hood - this cut has been in fashion for several seasons. They are sportier than the fitted versions. However, with the right accessories, you can easily create a feminine outfit, e.g. wearing a sweatshirt with leggings and a wide belt at the waist. Long women's sweatshirts without a hood, which you can find in the Bolf offer at favorable prices, will work in this comparison.

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Do you value comfort and casual style? You will surely be interested in classic women's sports sweatshirts. We have a wide selection of styles, colors and materials. If you love mountain hiking, warm women's sweatshirts without a fleece hood will be perfect for you. They are extremely pleasant to the touch and light at the same time.
We recommend women's cotton sweatshirts without a hood on a daily basis. Some have an admixture of synthetic materials, which makes the sweatshirt more durable and resistant to creases. If you don't like ironing, this is the choice for you.

Choosing the perfect women's sweatshirt without a hood - how to find it in the Bolf store?

Choosing sweatshirts in the Bolf store can make you dizzy. We made sure that our offer includes the hottest trends. Fashionable women's sweatshirts without a hood are available in several categories, including with print, plain, open or not. Select the size based on the table of dimensions and the measuring rules available in the product cards.

Selected women's sweatshirts without a hood with a zipper or without, add to cart. You need to proceed to checkout to complete your order. However, we encourage you to continue shopping and complete a full outfit. For orders over EUR 100, we cover shipping costs. There is undoubtedly a lot to choose from! After proceeding to the checkout, you will make the payment for the selected products and shipment, and the package will be delivered to you within 24 hours.