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Men's Polo Shirts

Polo shirts hit the cat walk straight outta tennis courts. The polo shirt owes its popularity to professional tennis players that wear them during the Big Slam tournaments. The characteristic element of polo shirts is the buttoned collar. The traditional polos were made of cotton pique knit. Currently, they are also being manufactured from a traditional knit - pleasant in touch. In our offer we've got models in various colours, due to that every man can choose the shade depending on the individual taste. However, it's worth mentioning that a classic polo in bright colour (e.g. white) is one of the most versatile element of the men's wardrobe. Polos in bright colours will present exceptionaly with expressive coloured clothes and the other way around – the dark ones should be matched by the contrast rule with the brighter elements of your garment. The unlimited and countless styling opportunities is the thing provided by polo shirt. The most popular is the sporty look with classic summer shorts. To casual fits, it's recommended to match polo with chinos, jeans or even a less formal suit jacket. It's good to keep in mind that despite having the collar, polo shirt does not count as a formal wear. Polo shirts, which we offer, posess two or three buttons that allow you to loosen the neckline. They are made of high-quality cotton that guarantees comfort of wearing and good breathability. Due to large variety of cuts and colours - from classic to extravagant shades and patterns every man will find something for yourself. Polo shirts are both stylish and comfortable and that's why they are popular among men aroung the world. We kindly encorage you to get familiar with the offer of our online store. We provide you with safe shopping, fast shipping and the best prices.