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Men's Zipped Sweatshirts

Zipped sweatshirts are one of the most functional parts of clothing, which belong to every man's wardrobe. Bolf online shop offers a huge range of comfortable zipped sweatshirts. The types of fastening can be various, thanks to which the clothes acquire individual style and fit to different outfits. The most popular kind is a traditional zip-fastening which is placed in the middle. It can be an additional decoration due to its intensive glossy feature. What's interesting about zippers is the increasing popularity of a zipper sewn diagonally. The asymmetrical zipper emphasizes the cut, which resembles the legendary biker jackets. The sweatshirts from our offer can be also half-zipped – from the collar to the armpit. This type of fastening adds a bit of dashy style to the whole outfit by the turndown collar. We have also models with button and snap-fastenings, which can be additionally attached to a zipper. The fastenings show the casual style of the clothes, which can be worn, e.g. during a night out with friends. Sometimes they can function only as a decoration.

The wide offer of Bolf online shop allows anyone to underline his own style. At the same time, you can be sure that every product from our shop fits to the current fashion trends.