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Men's Long Sleeve Shirts

Classic men's long sleeve shirts are an absolute must have in men's wardrobe because they fit to many occasions and add the elegance, no matter of the customer's age. A white or sky blue shirt in pair with a suit makes a timeless set that is perfect for every formal event. However, long sleeve isn't exclusively reserved for only formal outfits. In our offer there are plenty of fashionable shirts, which despite being long sleeved, are distinguished by casual style. It depends much on colours and the design. Strong colours and expressive patterns let you have some extra coolness and that kind of shirts are perfect for everyday use - to work, if there are no dress code rules, on a date, a meeting with friends or a family event that isn't formal. It's worth to match them with jeans or trendy chino trousers.

Shirts available in Bolf online store are characterized by the best quality, proper fabrics and unique design that guarantee fashionable look. Slim fit cut and cotton with elements of polyester provide comfort, perfect fitting to the silhouette and decent durability in the long term.

The broad and diversified offer of our store will let everybody choose a perfect shirt taking individual preferences into consideration. For men, who like expressive outfits, a good choice will be shirts in intense colours, e.g. pink, and original with tiny patterns. For those everyone who feel the most comfortable in classic clothes, we recommend the timeless plain shirt, white or sky blue, with curved bottom, a decorative button stip, straight cuffs with one button and one pocket on the left chest. All of this can be find in the Bolf online store.