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Beachwear for men

As summer approaches, many men are considering choosing the right men's swim shorts. It is important to choose the best cut and size for your body shape, so that you can feel confident and comfortable on the beach or in the pool. The pattern of men's swimwear is also important. For several seasons, a real must-have for summer is beachwear in intense colors: neon signs, camo patterns, large graphics or inscriptions - fashion allows for many bold variations.

How to choose men's swimwear?

Choosing the right swim shorts is not easy. Swim trunks come in many styles. The best choice for the beach is loose, mid-thigh or knee-length swim shorts. In turn, you can choose matching men's swimming shorts for the swimming pool. It is also very important to choose the right size of swimwear so that they do not restrict movement and at the same time stay stably on the figure, even during water sports or intensive swimming.

Boxer shorts or swimming shorts?

Choosing the right cut depends primarily on individual preferences. Swim trunks that fit snugly around the body are made for active men who play sports, like to swim and often go to the pool. Such beachwear perfectly emphasizes an athletic figure , but it will not suit everyone. Gentlemen with a massive body build should choose beach shorts for men with a looser cut, which are equipped with a welt. Thanks to this, the trunks do not slide off and provide full freedom of movement.

Men's swimsuit - what should you pay attention to?

When choosing a bathing shorts, it is not only the pattern and size that are important. Choose beach shorts that are made of modern, durable fabrics that dry quickly and are resistant to water and sun. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the inside of the swimming trunks. In loose-fitting models, it is usually equipped with a comfortable mesh , which makes it comfortable to wear, even during intense sports activities.

Swimming shorts - where to buy?

You can find the largest selection of swimwear at good prices in online stores. In the Bolf collection you can find hundreds of designs for men's swimwear, beachwear, but also beach sets in many sizes . To choose the right one, it is worth following the size chart provided for each product and before buying, carefully measure the circumference of the hips and waist in order to match the appropriate model and size of the swimwear to the body structure.

Fashionable men's swimsuit

Finally, it's good to know how to wear men's swimming shorts to look stylish at the beach or swimming pool. It is worth choosing a colorful t-shirt or tank top with them, which will complement the summer outfit, and also remember about shoes, e.g. comfortable flip-flops or sneakers. The whole will be complemented by accessories in the form of a baseball cap, sunglasses or a comfortable backpack that can accommodate sunscreen, a smartphone or a camera.