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Women's Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are surely the timeless cut of women and men's fashion. Their history dates up to World War I when famous 'bomber jackets' were the inseparable part of a pilot's uniform. Over the years, leather jackets haven't gone out of fashion and on the contrary became more popular and likely to be worn, also by women. Currently, the most popular cut and unusually feminine is so-called biker jackets - tight-fitted, with a characteristic diagonal zipper and often an additional decorative zip or studs that perfectly underline the women's silhouette and add character to the entire styling. Leather jackets like these can be worn both with leather trousers or classic denim jeans. Having it enables you to create the unique styling and get an expressive look. However, it's worth to keep in mind that it's also the decent choice for women who like more girlish, easy-going stylings because biker jackets as well as other women's leather jackets can be successfully matched with skirts and dresses.

Other classic designs can be as trendy as a bomber jacket, they may have - a straight cut, a stand-up collar and a zip-fastening. Such an outerwear is the perfect example of a streetwear style - magnificent for a party, a meeting with friends or shopping.

It can be assumed that women's leather jackets will never go out of fashion because of their versatility and timeless look. Leather jackets fit every woman regardless of her style and fashion preferences. They underline the silhouette, add character, complement the whole styling and what's most important provide you proper thermal comfort - protects from chilly wind. That's why they are available in any imaginable version, even a winter one. Therefore, they are a perfect choice for a summer evening and also for chilly autumn or early spring days. You can enjoy having a leather jacket for the whole year!