Camo Shorts

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Military shorts

The military-based camo pattern has already become a universal and classic offer. It appears more and often in women’s, men’s and boy’s collections. The characteristic loose legs guarantee free movement and comfort in all conditions. The breathable material and elastic waistband make military shorts very useful and comfortable. Moreover, the shorts are always equipped with comfy pockets on the legs adding the practical feature. This is a proposition for a camping, hiking or survival events.

What to match army shorts with?
Men’s camo shorts have their peak of popularity in spring and summer season. No wonder that this colour pattern matches various clothes and creates sport and streetwear stylings. You can wear them with plain T-shirts, thin shirts and trendy polos. You can match them also with various footwear, e.g. flip flops or military boots. Although the most popular are those in green, you can try out also trendy grey, claret or multicolour ones. The last option fits great to beach stylings.