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Men's Classic Jumpers

Men's jumpers offered by Bolf store are mostly classic models that can be characterized by soft colours, an interesting design, ribbed cuffs and fabrics that provide not only warmth and comfort but also make the jumper fit perfectly to the body at the same time underlining the body shape. The assortment of the shop includes trendy V-neck jumpers, classic round necks and ones with unique patterns and details, e.g. elbow patches. Classic jumpers are overhead ones. Every jumper that is available in Bolf online store is not only up to the latest trends but it's also warm, pleasant in touch and provide great comfort of wearing. This effect is mainly owed to fabrics used to manufacture men's jumper. It's first of all thanks to wool and cotton but the addition of viscose, acrylic or elastane causes that clothes suit better to the body and silhouette shape. Characteristic knit that is almost invisible and very thin also affects it. Using such fabrics is also a guarantee of high quality that will last a long time after the purchase, no matter of damaging effects of cleaning and washing. Depending on one's preferences, men can choose between classic models that differ by colours - from timeless black, brown, navy blue and grey to more intense like red, green or even turquoise. Some of the plain models are enriched by subtle stitchings that add extra character to the outfit.

A classic men's jumper is the perfect choice for everybody cause it fits to many occasions - to work, both to a business meeting and a meeting with friends, every day and on a date. Trendy and warm jumpers fit perfectly to casual and urban style.