Bow Ties

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Men's Bow Ties

The men's wardrobe is as diversified as women's. Despite of the popular claim, it's rich in patterns and cuts, colours and designs. However, besides the most fashionable clothes, in a men's wardrobe, there should be place for classic positions, which stay always in fashion. It concerns not only particular elements of clothing, like trousers, suit jackets or shirts, but also men's accessories. The bow tie has come back to the fashion world and now is experiencing a renaissance. A bow tie is a cousin of a tie and both have the same function – they are to add character, chic and sophistication to the whole styling. Regardless of the style, which is represented by the gentleman, he can choose a proper bow tie and complement his look. Highly trendy are original patterns like: dots, stripes and check. Bow ties can be manufactured from different fabrics: silk, polyester and cotton. There are also mixed fabrics and even woolen bow ties – but they are the least popular ones. Among such a variety of choice and trends for mixing different textures and prints, it's worth remembering about two universal rules, which say that you wear, exclusively, a black or claret bow tie matching the belt to a tuxedo, as a white bow tie to a tailcoat. Applying to these rules will allow every man to present stunningly and with class during, important, formal occasions and other ceremonies. The most elegant shirts require wearing a a bow tie of the same length. On the other hand, the ones, which are adjustable are said to be less sophisticated, but acceptable in less formal outfits.