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Men's camo shirt is a popular choice not only for fans of military style. The pattern has long ceased to be an element of camouflage, and has become the hallmark of men who should not be messed with. The Bolf offer shows that a men's camo shirt does not have to be khaki. Browse our products and change your wardrobe.

Men's camo shirt, what to combine with?

Camo men's T-shirts are not suitable to be worn to the office or on official occasions. However, they are perfect for everyday, comfortable outfits. They look good with both jeans and sweatpants. Avoid wearing a men's camo T-shirt with pants with the same pattern, unless you are going to a military training ground.

The military style loves cargo pants and heavy boots. However, in hot weather, such an outfit will not work. In summer, a camo shirt will look great with short cargo pants or jeans. If you choose a model with vivid colors, such as shades of yellow and orange, choose shorts with a subdued color.

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Which men's camo shirt should I choose?

Looking through T-shirts from the Bolf collection, you will see that a men's camo blouse doesn't have to be green. Of course, you will find products in classic colors, but we recommend choosing an unusual color, e.g. a combination of blue, navy blue and white or various shades of red. If you are a fan of military colors, you can order a few T-shirts to add a bit of life to your outfits.

We offer camo T-shirts in a classic cut with short sleeves and a round neckline. For variety, some models have a smooth trim at the neck. There are also differences in the composition of the products. Some men's camo shirts are made entirely of cotton, while others you will also find artificial material. Cotton models are much more airy. Versions with polyester admixture are a choice for men who do not like ironing. They will also do better during training.

What should you pay attention to when choosing men's camo shirts?

Regardless of the weight, every man will find a T-shirt for himself. What size are men's camo shirts? Sizes start from M and go up to 2XL. In the product card you will find the "Measuring rules" tab, which will tell you how to measure your T-shirt and compare it with the selected blouse. You will choose the size based on the "Size Chart". If you follow all the steps correctly, your new men's T-shirt will fit perfectly. After purchasing, be sure to share your opinion with us!