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Advantages of comfortable socks

Socks are a basic element of men’s fashion. However, few estimate their importance. But for socks, shoes would painfully create abrasions, blisters and footprints on feet. Such situations can be extremely annoying when it’s hot outside. Moreover, socks limit the unpleasant smell which can be noticed after sweating. For socks to play their role, it is necessary to produce them from the appropriate materials – cotton with a small addition of elastane. This will make them soft, breathable, comfortable and prevent them from slipping.

How to wear socks?
It is obvious that matching socks with flip flops or sandals is forbidden. However, in the world of fashion there are a couple of more important principles. When putting socks on to a suit, you have to match their colour to the colour of the trousers or shoes. Such socks should be elegant and taller just to make sure that when sitting down you won’t uncover the calf. On the contrary, when you wear shorts and sneakers, you should choose short socks. The shorter, the better because they should not stand out from the upper of the shoe. There is an exception stating that you don’t have to wear socks. It concerns men’s moccasins. Shoes lacking socks and matched with elegant shorts or chinos, revealing the ankles, will certainly look stylish. It is worth to equip your wardrobe with a couple of pairs of fashionable socks with an interesting pattern, vivid colour or eye-catching print.