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Men's V-neck Jumpers

Jumpers with a V-neckline is the classic wear among men's fashion. This kind of clothes that are available in our offer are trimmed with ribbings and some models have additional trendy inserts in the form of three small buttons and binding in contrasting colour. Apart from classic jumpers with long sleeves, we also offer sleeveless V-neck jumper vests. Design like this allows them to be matched with elegant shirts with a collar, which men often take out of a jumper. V-neck also lets the tie to be better exposed.

In Bolf store, the available assortment consists of various men's V-neck jumpers. Apart from the diversity on long-sleeved and sleeveless, they're varied on patterns, fabrics and colours. Depending on individual preferences and needs, one can choose a jumper manufactured from cotton with acrylic elements or mostly woolen. The selection of the fabrics is very important due to comfort of wearing. Classic wool and cotton fabrics ensure the highest level of comfort and a pleasant feeling of warmth. On the other hand, the elastane, viscose or acrylic elements make jumpers more stretchy, better fitted and underlining the body and also provide extra durability for a longer time. Thanks to the variety of colours and shades we can reach almost every man with our offer of menwear. It creates the opportunity to let everyone choose perfect jumper for oneself. Men who like to experiment with fashion may be intereseted in choosing intense colours and expressive patterns, e.g. geometric or plaited knit. For the undecided ones, Bolf would like to offer classic elegance in the form of plain V-neck jumpers in soft colours.