Men’s Rain Jackets

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Men's rain jackets

The weather can be capricious: we have already got used to relatively mild winters with rain instead of snow, gusty winds, raging storms and unexpected changes in the aura. You could say that the weather here is truly English - and if so, a good men's rain jacket with a hood is essential! Check out what Bolf has prepared for you.

Men's rain jackets - what types can you find in our offer?

Can you imagine a rain cover other than softshsell? Neither are we, so in our offer you will find the widest selection of men's softshell raincoats. These breathable men's jackets need no introduction. They work especially well for enthusiasts of sports activities. They are resistant to moderate rain (they are often equipped with an additional membrane that protects against long-term moisture), they protect against the wind, they have taped pockets as an additional protection, and the material is flexible, so it adapts perfectly to the figure and vigorous movements. Breathability is the basis of any sporting activity, and when you do not shy away from training in the rain, waterproofing is also a factor. Men's rain jackets with a softshsell membrane are perfect for this matter!

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Models of men's softshell jackets, apart from breathability, have another advantage: they are slightly insulated, which is due to the two-layer structure of the material. They are protected from moisture by a polyester outer layer; inside, however, there is a soft fleece insulation. This makes softshells perfect as men's tourist rain jackets for all seasons - with the right bottom layer also for capricious winter with rain.

The most fashionable men's rain jackets - universal softshsell jackets and thin windbreakers

Do you appreciate the functionality of softshell and would prefer not to part with it? The design of these jackets is very suggestive and is clearly associated with a sporty style. Meanwhile, black single-color models without bright inserts and finishes are great as short men's raincoats for styling in a slightly more formal tone. Softshells, unlike, for example, elegant coats, have a hood that will effectively protect you from rain when you do not have an umbrella at hand. Some of our products even have a 3D hood with a visor. This is an additional protection of the face and eyes against persistent rain and invaluable support for glasses.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for something thinner for a sudden break in the weather, it's a good idea to always have a thin men's raincoat windbreaker on hand. In our store you will find it in two versions: with a classic zipper down to the bottom, as well as a fashionable anorak - with a half zipper and a characteristic pouch pocket. This type of clothing is characterized by a thin material, which is why it is perfect as a men's transitional jacket for spring and autumn. A men's wardrobe can not do without it, especially if you go on a backpacking trip. The size is compact so you don't have to worry about taking up valuable space.

How to choose the perfect men's rain jacket at Bolf?

Knowing all the benefits of versatile softshells and compact men's windbreakers, it's time to shop. Remember that delivery at Bolf from EUR 100 is free. Choose the perfect model from hundreds of proposals offered by our brand. Before you put the jacket in the virtual basket, however, adjust the correct size. You will find the measuring rules and an individual table with values under each product, so you can rest assured: you will not make a mistake. We invite you to shop!