How to choose proper size?

How to choose proper size? online shop offers clothes from different manufacturers, that is why you should NOT be influenced only by the label size which is given in the product description. Most of brands have their own sizes.

While purchasing, the Customer is obliged to get familiar with the size chart, which is always given in the product description.

In order to choose the proper size, we suggest measuring your current clothes, those which are perfectly fitted. This is, most certainly, the best way to tell your size, as all our products are measured flat, without stretching.

Tabela rozmiarów

Measuring rules:

  • Values given in the size chart are values which were precisely measured by us. Clothes are measured from the front, buttoned up / zipped (if there is). IMPORTANT! In order to tell the circumference, the given dimensions should be multiplied by two.
  • We make every effort to measure each product in the most precise way. Only one item from a particular model and size is measured, that is why minimal differences can happen in the size chart (+/- 3 cm tolerance).
  • Due to the fact that not every purchased product in a particular size from a particular model may have identical dimensions, differences in them exceeding the tolerance may be treated as a reason for making a complaint.

We strongly suggest to look on the size chart given in the product description while purchasing clothes!