How to create a sporty look for every day?

How to create a sporty look for every day?

Fashion is all about mixing different styles, patterns and colours for many seasons. Breaking the rules and blending styles has become a casual thing. Nowadays, nobody is surprised when sneakers are matched with a suit jacket, a hoodie with an elegant coat or a trendy men's shirt fitted to joggers. Even the latest trends are no longer considered being trendsetting. All because of sentiment to the previous season's must-haves that is called proudly 'own individual style'.

If it comes to casual fashion, it's not worth experimenting with new designs. You should rather place a bet on comfort. All the more, freedom, ease and nonchalance are at the top for many seasons.

A trendy, unconstrained and comfy look is really easy to create when you reach for sporty clothes. A tracksuit is still the indispensable thing for training. However, if you want to use it everyday, you should rather wear your favourite tracksuit separately. Place a bet on refreshed sporty designs in streetwear edition. But above all, select strong colours that vivid immediately every look providing it with a unique and easy-going style.

Joggers, baggy trousers and sporty jackets for everyday

The classic men's jeans were the undisputed must-have within casual fashion for decades. Although they are not losing their popularity, they have already had strong competitors. In more elegant stylings, jeans are replaced with stylish chino trousers in various colours. Young people who prefer everyday comfort, rather choose trendy joggers or unique baggy trousers with a characteristic dropped crotch. These sporty fashion cuts should be matched not only with T-shirts, hoodies and longsleeves. You may create an interesting look fitting it to jumpers, trendy jackets or even casual suit jackets.
Slightly nonchalant and insanely comfortable joggers or baggy trousers are also a perfect choice for trendy layered stylings. To get the hottest look, you should remember about one rule. All the layers must be visible. Therefore, it's worth to expose the shirt's collar, match streetwear oversize sweatshirts with short jackets or fit plain basic T-shirts with V-neck jumpers.

Turn the look up with colours

The sporty character is provided not only by casual and modern designs. The colours should be appreciated as well. Thanks to them, stylings get a fresh look and amazing energy. There are at least a few reliable methods to refresh the look. You can try using subtle details. It's enough to put on an original hoodie or a colourful printed men's T-shirt. Think about complementing such a styling with colourful shoes or a versatile baseball cap.
You can also place a bet on strong colours and contrasting shades. Red clothes and these in the shades of blue work amazingly among sporty outfits. You may also match it trendy with green or fit clothes in blue colours, from sky blue to navy blue. However, if matching colours is a challenge for you, follow the trendsetter's choice and choose clothes that blend different colours themselves. Sporty lightweight jackets are usually in vivid colours and have got contrasting details, lining or a hood inside. It's enough to get a completely new look and energy if matched with toned styling. For casual sets, the best are men's bomber jackets. However, sporty men's softshell jackets and colourful quilted jackets also do the job.

Sporty clothes + jeans – denim's new face

While classic jeans in sporty stylings are no longer unbeatable – you shouldn't give up on denim. The casual stylings with a sporty look fit amazingly to modern denim joggers. You can also match sporty lightweight jackets with comfortable denim shirts. On the other hand, on warm days you may place a bet on unique men's jackets that blend up the best features of a sporty jacket and a trendy hoodie. Even men's shoes may become a denim accent within a styling. Denim slip-ons or plimsolls are a perfect choice for casual sets designed for warm days. The best are the ones with a thick white sole. To get an interesting effect, you may freely experiment with colourful laces.

When sporty style meets streetwear

Clothes considered as sporty can also get additional power. Introduce camo-patterned elements and trendy badges to urban stylings. Other decent details are the leather ones. The look can be boosted up by having a modern hoodie with a quilted faux leather top and sleeves. You can also go a step further and match such a hoodie with sporty baggy trousers and a biker's jacket.
The design that is perfect for the transitional period is a men's vest. Quilted men's vest with a hood, or without it is extremely versatile and warm. In addition, it boosts up the chilled and easy-going stylings with sweatpants and a hoodie.