When and what to wear a bomber jacket with?

When and what to wear a bomber jacket with?

A bomber jacket is currently one of the most 'democratic' models in fashion, which is so popular among men and women. Bombers are worn splendidly, are very comfortable and nicely underline both men's and women's silhouettes.

Surprisingly, bomber jackets were not so popular in the past. As many timeless and legendary cuts, they have a military origin and were especially valuable to officers of the American Air Force. Then, bombers used to be known as pilot jackets and were reserved only for the military elites. The most desirable ones were the A2 model and later on the G1 model.

First pilot jackets were produced in the '30s of the previous century and had a couple of common features – simle and long cuts, epaulettes, large pockets and a covered fastening. The fabric was also important – durability and high quality counted – so they were manufactured from different kinds of leathers, such as sealskin, horseskin, cowhide and goatskin. The famous fury collar came up later, together with the G1 model. It was this jacket that has been placed in pop culture and hit the streets. The credit went not to the pilots, but to Tom Cruise starring in 'Top Gun', who rose to a world film star.

Bomber jackets are not only leather jackets sewn for men flying high. Bombers in a sporty version have become almost an everyday uniform of American high-school and college students. In a practically unchanged form, they are still endorsed by various fashion houses. It's regardless of the season. The crucial thing here is the is the selection of fabrics. The models made from faux leather or genuine leather nicely work through the entire year. The best jackets for winter are a bit thicker, quilted and fluffy, as their lighter versions fit the category of lightweight jackets.

Up to today, the classic bomber jacket as obtained plenty of interesting modifications – it' now assigned to sporty and urban styles. Men's jackets, inspired by the bomber, can have a collar stand instead of a classic collar, more or less expressive details. In the typical sporty cuts you will find the obligatory welts and optional prints. These jackets are still short and fitting models, but they are not always monochromatic and made of one fabric. We can find more and more bombers made of mixed textures and contrasting sleeves.

Sporty bomber jackets have usually a loose cut and are a perfect element of many stylings.

Men's bombers are a universal cut. They can nicely work in many sporty and casual stylings, as well as in super-modern urban outfits and can complete even a more elegant look.

The typical sporty bomber jackets look best with joggers or baggy trousers and fantastically work with denim stylings. Combining it with a white shirt may be intiguing and quite fetching. A good idea for creating a sophisticated look is to set a quilted bomber in an energetic colour with a monochromatic outfit. In creating a styling with this jacket, it's worth to remember that the devil is in the details – the decorations boost the look. You also have to pay attention to the selection of colours. Colourful and printed bomber jackets get even better with simple cuts and subtle colours. But setting vivid colours and modern cuts are not at all forbidden. Please remember that the most important is to create a modern and functional look. You want to be dressed up nicely after all!