When to wear a short sleeve shirt?

A short-sleeved shirt – guide.

Practical short sleeve shirts seem like a perfect offer for warm and hot days. Their fans pick them up eagerly every day, to work or even match it with a suit jacket or a suit. It’s a big mistake – this type of a shirt is casual. Therefore, it can be used only in certain and informal stylings . So, how to wear it to get a fancy look and at the same time don’t commit a fashion faux pas?

Short-sleeved shirt – mistakes.

Top designers and stylists until recently haven’t advised wearing short-sleeved shirts at all. Such a shirt can be matched neither with a tie nor a bow-tie. Avoid matching this shirt with a suit jacket or a suit. Even with a less formal meeting, you should give up on such idea. It’s better to take a long-sleeved shirt and fold its sleeves up.

A short sleeve shirt can be a part of a casual and easy-going styling. You can use it with no worries. All the more, the fashion designers finally gave them a chance. It’s more and more often seen within many spring and summer collections.

Versatile look.

Regardless of a pattern or colour, a short-sleeved shirt fits perfectly to denim. Therefore, try to match it with classic jeans or even denim shorts. It creates a really amazing image.

Complement your look with moccasins, plimsolls or slip-ons and it’s done. You’ve already got a fancy and easy-going look.

Experiment a bit and maybe you’ll find a way to fit it into more elegant stylings. It’s enough to give up on jeans and decide on comfortable cotton chino trousers. During summer, you should try the ones in bright colours – white, beige, grey or sky blue. However, you can also place a bet on the most versatile colour – navy blue. If there’s really hot outside, feel free to wear men’s chinos in summer edition. The one with a short leg.

What instead of a suit jacket?

It’s a bit troublesome to get a decent extra layer to put on a short-sleeved shirt. A formal and elegant suit jacket is not a good idea. You should better try to wear a jumper. Decide on a men’s zipped jumper or a classic men’s V-neck jumper that can be worn on a shirt or lay loosely around the shoulders. Make the use of transitional jackets. A quilted husky jacket, a fashionable bomber jacket or simply a leather one. All of these will do the job within a casual look.

It’s also good to keep in mind that a short sleeve shirt works amazingly as an outer layer. It can be a part of every fresh and easy-going stylings with a T-shirt and linen or cotton trousers, or shorts. It looks both outstandingly buttoned and unbuttoned.

How to choose a perfect short sleeve shirt?

A short sleeve shirt is a typical design for casual style. Above all, it should be comfortable. However, it’s also important to pay attention to its cut, colour, collar type and patterning. The best collar for these shirts is a casual button-down collar. If it comes to shirt’s colours, try white or pastel ones. Don’t forget about patterns. Place your bet on a pin-striped pattern or a less formal checked one.

If you are about to choose a design of a short-sleeved shirt – remember about its cut. There are available regular cut shirts but slim-fit ones are way more trendy. In addition, they shape the silhouette and underline the arms. Short sleeve shirts that end near the waist and have a curved bottom can be worn untucked with trousers or shorts with no worries.

Pay attention to sleeves. It should neither be too long nor too baggy. The perfect ones should reach to the middle of the biceps, be well-fitted and have allowable space between the fabric and the skin about the thickness of one finger.