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Men's Military Collection

Military style is the absolute hit in the fashion world. Military clothing style has reigned for a couple of years without a doubt. Characteristic camo pattern, colours, army inserts and details are the things that make them unique. The significant colour palette includes various shades of green, especially the khaki one, but appropriate to military style are also white, black, grey and even blue.

Men's military collection in a large variety of clothing: cargo pants, T-shirts, longsleeves, hoodies, shorts and trousers. The clothing of this kind is not only extremely trendy but also comfy and versatile. Trousers and shorts, especially cargo pants, are characterized by plenty of pockets. From the point of view of many men it's obviously a huge advantage. Pockets shouldn't be only numerous, but also large to be able to carry nearly everything that women carry in theirs famous bags. Camo apparel perfectly underlines the men's silhouette and character. It fits the urban jungle and that's why it is a brilliant idea to make the military style the casual one - to meeting with friends, out of town trips, shopping but also to school or even to work if there's no dress code rules. Due to a large variety of camo clothes and accessories that can be matched to them, you can decide just on one particular item e.g. a T-shirt, and add some character to the whole outfit. An interesting idea are the shirts with camo details - as elbow patches, cuffs or inside of the collar. The choice of such a shirt in classic colours like white, black or navy blue is an excellent idea to break the routine.