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Men's sports shirts

Men's sports shirts are otherwise called casual. You can wear them wherever the dress code does not require a suit. Among them you will find typical everyday models, including flannel and denim, as well as more elegant ones. Most of the men's sports shirts in the Bolf offer have patterns - checks, stripes or colorful inserts. Everyone will find something for themselves, especially since the sizes are wide.

Types of men's sports shirts

We offer men's sports shirts in traditional cuts - slim and regular. However, apart from that, they differ in everything - pattern, collar, material and length of the sleeves. Some you can wear in smart casual styles, others only for going out with friends. That is why it is worth having several models in your wardrobe for different occasions.

Long-sleeved sports shirts for men are more elegant. They are also characterized by greater versatility. Just roll up your sleeves and open up the collar for a looser look. Especially if you choose a model with cuffs in a different color or with a pattern hidden underneath.

Sports men's shirts with short sleeves are suitable for everyday styling. You can only wear them to the office if there is a loose dress code in it.

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The shape of the collar also determines the character of the shirt. Bolf offers versions with traditional Kent and Italian types, which are suitable for formal occasions. They allow you to fasten a tie or bow tie. The button down collar, i.e. with buttons at the edges, is more casual. The least elegant are the slim and regular men's sports shirts with a stand-up collar. Combining them with a tie or bow tie is considered to be one of the greatest fashion faux-pas.

What fabrics do we use to make shirts at Bolf? The most common solution is breathable cotton. For people who do not like ironing, we recommend models with an admixture of synthetic fibers. We also have immortal denim and flannel.

What to wear a men's sports shirt with?

White men's sports shirts are the most universal. They will work in an elegant outfit combined with suit trousers and a jacket. The cufflinks will add a touch of style. Choose a white shirt for a date in an elegant restaurant or a corporate party. White sports shirts with various patterns are less formal. At Bolf you will find models with a fine check or stripes that will work with your suit. However, we also offer very unusual white men's sports shirts, e.g. with a camo print hidden on the inside of the sleeves and under the button line.

Men's sports shirts with a print match with jeans. It is a good idea to wear a casual jacket for a party. Remember that with a patterned shirt, it should remain smooth. A similar rule applies to pants. If you choose chinos, do not use checkered or striped models. However, you can go crazy with the vivid colors. A bright jacket or pants are a choice for brave men.

With what to wear slim men's sports shirts to the office? The aforementioned chinos and the smart casual jacket will also work here, but only in subdued colors - beige, graphite or black. For the bottom, choose leather shoes. If you like to stand out in style at work, choose expressive accessories - braces, a scarf with a buttonhole or an unusual tie.

In summer, men more often choose men's short-sleeved sports shirts. Denim, flannel and checked models look great on a plain T-shirt or tank-top underneath. You can easily put them on with shorts. When it comes to footwear, choose sneakers or sneakers.

How do I order a men's sports shirt from the Bolf store?

Ordering the first hem of the shirt is not difficult. However, it's better to avoid having to return or replace later. Therefore, take a moment to choose the size and cut that fits your figure. A few information contained in the card of each product will help you in this. Under the photo of the shirt you will find its detailed description, which includes, among others composition of materials and offered cut. Regular men's sports shirts do not fit the body, so they are suitable for men with a typical build or slightly overweight. The slim fit cut is intended for slim men as well as regular gym goers.

The size of our shirts is very wide. You will find most models in sizes from S to 2XL. How do you know which one will suit you? Check the size chart for dimensions such as the width and length of the torso, the length of the sleeves and the circumference of the collar. You can find out how to take a measure in the "Measuring rules" tab.

If you have chosen your dream sports shirt in the right size, add it to your cart. You can complete the entire outfit right away. If the sum of the products exceeds 100 EUR, you will not pay for the shipment. For orders over EUR 100, we offer additional discounts. Delivery usually takes 1-2 business days, because we ship packages within 24 hours. We wish you a happy shopping!