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Men's Winchester Shirts

Bolf online shop is a dymically developing company that have in its offer men's clothes that are up to the latest world fashion trends. Bolf has got in its assortment Winchester shirts also known as broker shirts. We offer shirts with white collars and trims. However, not all products that we offer have got white cuffs. We also offer shirts in a more diverse colour palette, just perfect for men who are not afraid of fashion experiments. Once Winchester shirts were popular among bankers and financiers. Nowadays they're recommended for everyone who has an official dress code rules at work. Winchester shirts are a perfect complement of a dark suit. They can sucessfully replace white and sky blue colour shirts. In our offer we've got slim fit shirts that are manufactured from cotton with addition of synthetic fabrics. Shirts that are offered by us have got curved bottom, numerous stitchings on the cuffs, a collar and along button strips or elbow patches. Some models additionally possess decorative button strips and inserts that imitate a chest pocket. We offer Winchester shirts with a kent collar, which enables the use of almost any tie knot and therefore it's a good choice for formal, business and casual outfits. Our assortment also includes shirts with a botton down collar that's buttoned to the shirt. We recommend this kind of shirts to informal and casual sets. Bolf offers Winchesters with a cutaway collar that is characterized by wide points. Clothes sold by us are distinguished by high quality, wide range of products and decent prices. We encourage to get familiar with our offer. A winchester shirt is a business classic that can't be missed by any gentelman.