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When hot weather comes, men choose sports shorts that are loose and practical. No wonder: they work well both on vacation and on a daily basis, when you want to ride a bike or go out with your friends to the city. If you work remotely or at work, there is no stiff tracksuit code, shorts are the perfect option for you! In the Bolf store's offer you will find practical and fashionable models of men's shorts - see what we have prepared for you.

Men's sports shorts - popular colors

Men's summer shorts are most often available in vivid colors and patterns, making them a great addition to the holiday look. However, if you prefer the classic, choose a navy blue or blue color of the shorts. Dark colors are universal and will be a great base for most styles. Men's short shorts offer many possibilities of wearing and practically unlimited combinations. Use your imagination, create interesting color combinations and you will surely impress your friends. Which colors suit you depends on your type of beauty: blondes suit warm and light shades of blue, brunettes will look great in red, while people with red hair should choose green.

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What to wear sports shorts with?

Regardless of what sport you play, men's sports shorts will be perfect. Choose a model with knee-length legs when you want to feel comfortable while exercising at the gym or running. Men's sports shorts made of elastic material do not restrict movement and are airy. The fabric with the addition of polyester will make men's shorts dry quickly and will not hold moisture. You can wear this type of shorts with any T-shirt, but also with casual shirts. Freely mix styles so that the clothes keep pace with you and express your individuality. Products from the Bolf offer are extremely comfortable and light, they work well in every situation - you will surely find the right size and cut for yourself.

How do I order men's sports shorts in the Bolf store?

In the Bolf store you will find full sizes, up to size 2XL. Afraid you might miss with the size? No need to worry! We provide an individual size chart with measuring rules under each product, so you will not be mistaken. We encourage you to create sets - when the value of the order exceeds 100 EUR, shipping costs will be on our side. We are convinced that you will complete a full look with us. What's more, you will be able to enjoy the shipment sooner than you think, because fast delivery and a wide range are our advantages.